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Are you a photographer?

Do you want to love your clients, love your work, and make a great living?

I have enjoyed a successful portrait business and wonderful clients for 35 years by specializing in what I love (children and families).

It is a delight teaching and mentoring both aspiring and working photographers how to create the business of their dreams.

The Process

Through a one on one journey, we discover and develop your unique talents, find your passion

and help you become highly sought after and profitable in a very competitive industry.

If you are ready to grow, increase your confidence, and have way more fun in your business,

 I am ready to help. I would love to support your success!


LUCI DUMAS – Insight Training For Photographers

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“I owe this shift in my photography business to you. The direction and instruction you have given me thus far has been priceless” Susan Panetta San Diego, CA

“Luci, you have helped me so much. Thank you so much for being you! I am excited about my photography business again.”
Love, Mary Stone Austin. TX

Luci has a wonderful way of inspiring positive change in a person. I have seen so much change in my business since I started working with her. It doesn’t seem like a huge change while it’s happening, but as I look back to where I started I can see how her wonderful ways have helped me improve all aspects of my business. When I started working with Luci, I had little direction for my business. I didn’t know where I wanted to take my talent, skill, and passion for photography. I felt like I could go so many different ways. She helped me see where my true passion was and to overcome any fears about pursuing it. Once I placed my trust in her experience and knowledge and started down the path toward my true passion, pet photography,

Her expertise, experience, and patience are a winning combination to help anyone achieve their true potential.
I highly recommend hiring Luci Dumas to help you achieve your goals.
Erin Bonilla, Suffolk, VA Austin. TX

– San Diego, Ca –


– 619.233.9390  –


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